Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my appointment day has passed for utility service activation, but I still have no active service at the location?
By following the instructions provided, many of the common issues with utility service can be resolved. Please attempt these suggestions first.

If you have completed these steps and service is not restored, please send an e-mail to with your property's REO ID and location information, noting that all breakers and the main switch have been reset (electric) or valves have been checked (gas). We will be happy to assist with further troubleshooting options.

Please note that your presence is required during a utility activation appointment per Fannie Mae guidelines. This ensures that the service technician can gain access to any necessary meters, and communicate any potential issues with you directly. If services are not active due to a missed appointment, please see "How do I know if I need to reschedule a utility activation?", below.

How do I know if I need to reschedule a utility activation?
If an appointment was missed for any reason, it is your responsibility to reschedule the appointment. All information necessary to reschedule the appointment is listed below. If the utility provider requires Conservice/Fannie Mae to call, or they require additional information that you do not have, please contact Conservice at to reschedule the appointment.

What steps does a property take to go from Equator to being activated by Conservice?
Once a property's information is entered in Equator, Fannie Mae sends it to Conservice, where is uploaded into our system. If the property qualifies for the Utility Management Program (see "How do I know if a property qualifies for the Utility Management Program?"), a Welcome Letter is sent to you via e-mail, requesting that you opt in for service at ("the Portal"). After you have selected which utilities you need activated, our activation specialist team will contact your local utility providers to request service. Once an appointment has been scheduled, an e-mail that contains all appointment information is sent to the e-mail address that was entered in Equator. Please note it may take up to three business days for Conservice to receive information that has been entered into Equator.

Why am I not able to find a property at
It is possible that your property is too new, and has not yet uploaded in our system. Once we receive it, and it is eligible for the Utility Management Program, you will be sent a Welcome Letter via e-mail. However, the property may not be qualified for a number of reasons. If Fannie Mae acquired the property before a specific date (see state specific qualification dates), it is not qualified. Please remember that the Fannie Mae acquisition date is different from the date that your office received the property. If you have questions regarding the Fannie Mae acquisition date or property eligibility, please contact your local Fannie Mae Sales Rep. If your property is listed as multi-unit, such as a duplex or four-plex, it will not qualify for the program.

Why have I not received the Welcome Letter yet?
First, please verify if the property is qualified for the program. If this has been determined, and you still have not received the Welcome Letter, it could be that the property is too new and has not uploaded into our system yet. Second, verify the occupancy status in Equator. If the occupancy status is listed as occupied, duplex, or has been left blank, our system will not recognize the property, and the Welcome Letter cannot be sent.

How do I know if a property qualifies for the Utility Management Program?
First, verify that the property was acquired by Fannie Mae within the allowable time frame on the State Specific Qualification Dates. If your property was acquired by Fannie Mae before that date, it does not qualify for the program. If the property is listed as Multi-Dwelling, such as a duplex, it does not qualify for the program.

What should I provide to Conservice to ensure timely service activation at my property?
To ensure timely activation of services at your property, Conservice may request additional information even after the property is opted in through Providing a meter number for the specified utility, tax records showing the complete address, and a proof of ownership will ensure a swifter activation time. If you know that the property has undergone a County 911 address change, documentation stating the change (previous and new address) is very helpful.

I entered the wrong address in Equator, what do I do?
If you have opted in on a property that lists an incorrect address, contact us immediately at to provide the correct information. If possible, please include a copy of the tax records showing the correct address. Updating the address through Equator can take time to reflect in our system, causing a delay in service activation. In some cases, Conservice can obtain approval from Fannie Mae to activate service at the correct location before the update has been completed in our system.

I keep missing my courtesy calls for service activation appointments because the office number is on file. How do I update this and other contact information?
Any contact information can be updated through Equator. This will be updated into our system within three business days.

Who schedules an inspection if the property needs one?
Conservice will only schedule an inspection if it is to be performed directly by the utility provider. You will be notified if a provider inspection is needed.

How does the Utility Management Program benefit me?
By using the Utility Management Program, you, as the broker, do not have to worry about contacting the utility provider to activate and deactivate service. You are not required to pay the utility bills, and in turn, you do not have to request reimbursement from Fannie Mae.

How do I know if Conservice activates water service?
Conservice will only activate water service if it is bundled with another utility. A bundled utility requires one utility (water) to be activated under the same account number and name as the other utility(ies). If a utility provider covers both water and electric service, but will allow each utility to be activated separately, with separate account numbers, we will not activate water service.

My property has sold. What do I need to do to have utility service deactivated at my property?
You do not have to do anything to deactivate services. Once the property sells, Fannie Mae notifies Conservice, and we will contact the utility provider to terminate service.

I lost my user name or password to How do I recover this information?
The login information is property specific. The REO ID assigned to the property will be the user name, and the property loan number will be the password.

What information may be required for me to reschedule an appointment for service activation?
Accounts will always be started under the name of Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae. Requests for the last four digits of the Tax ID or account mailing address may be sent to If the provider requires the full Tax ID or a password to reschedule the appointment, please contact Conservice to reschedule.

Fannie Mae State Specific Qualification Dates:
Listed below is each State that Conservice provides coverage for in the Utility Management Program. If Fannie Mae acquired a property before the specified date, that property will not qualify for the program.

State Date of roll out
AlabamaDecember 2013
ArkansasDecember 2013
ArizonaAugust 2012
CaliforniaNovember 2013
DelawareNovember 2013
FloridaOctober 2013
HawaiiDecember 2013
KentuckyNovember 2013
LouisianaDecember 2013
MassachusettsNovember 2013
MaineNovember 2013
MarylandNovember 2013
North CarolinaOctober 2013
North DakotaNovember 2013
NebraskaNovember 2013
New HampshireOctober 2013
New Jersey August 2012
New Mexico November 2013
Nevada December 2013
OregonNovember 2013
PennsylvaniaOctober 2013
South DakotaOctober 2013
TennesseeAugust 2012
UtahAugust 2012
VirginiaNovember 2013
West VirginiaOctober 2013
WyomingNovember 2013